Dr Johan Baard:

Johan Baard was born in Bloemfontein and attended Bergsig High school in Rustenburg where he matriculated in 1993.

He completed his dental degree (BChD) at the University of Pretoria in 2000 and practiced as a dentist in the South African National Defense Force. In 2001 he completed his post graduate diploma in Orthodontics (Dip Odont Ortho) and in 2005 enrolled as a registrar in orthodontics. In 2008 he completed his post graduate studies and received the MChd degree from the University of Pretoria.

Johan married his high school sweetheart, Leana, in 1997 and their marriage has since been blessed with the birth of their two children, Dehan and Jana. In 2008 Johan and Leana decided that their childhood home would be the ideal place to build a future for their family and subsequently moved back to Rustenburg where Johan opened his orthodontic practice.

When not working, Johan enjoys spending time with his family. He has a passion for nature and loves cycling and camping. Playing golf is another favorite past-time although his handicap might not indicate his fondness for the gentleman’s game.

Johan is currently a member of HPCSA, SADA and SASO.

When asked why he got involved in orthodontics, Johan replied: “The profession of Orthodontics not only empowers you to change somebody’s smile, it offers you the possibility of altering an individual’s future profoundly for the better.

Clinical Staff:

Cindy Raath (Oral Hygienist)
Michelle Van der Merwe (Oral Hygienist)
Eulalie Van Beljon (Oral Hygienist)
Yolinda Ligenfelder (Oral Hygienist)

Administrative Staff:

Zelda Presley (Accounts Manager)
Linda Harrison(Receptionist)

Support Staff:

Phanuel Nkaelang (Lab assistant)
Christina Bogwase (Practice assistant)